Wall Jams

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 Become a better wall runner!


If you’ve been to BOUNCE before, then chances are you’ve witnessed when our staff and even some of our guests run up the giant glass wall with the help of our amazing performance trampolines. This is called running, and at our Wall Jams you get the chance to learn wall running with an experienced, but laid back crew and other curious BOUNCErs, while receiving tips and tricks on how to conquer the wall.

Even if you’re an experienced wall runner, there’s a bunch of tricks and a wide range of skill levels to attain.

Not only is wall running extremely fun, its easy to grasp but hard to master. Come hangout with us!

When do you host Wall Jams?

Every Friday at all BOUNCE

Stockholm: 17-20

Göteborg: 17-20

Malmö: 17-18

General access biljetter gäller för Wall Jams. Få en rivstart på wallrunning med en gratis 15-minuters intro med en av våra coacher för dig och en vän. Begränsat antal platser, först till kvarn gäller.

All you need is a general access ticket.