General Terms & Conditions

1. General

      1. These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to Bounce Scandinavia Holding AB (org. nr 556979-4521) address Alsnögatan 11, 116 41 Stockholm, email: [[email protected]] and companies within the same group of companies as Bounce Scandinavia Holding AB (jointly referred to as “Bounce”, “us”, “we”, “our”). Bounce provides sport and recreational activities and facilities (the “Services”) at the locations specified at
      2. These Terms apply to your use of the website (the “Website”), your order of tickets to our sport and recreational activities and facilities, and for your use of the Services.
      3. In order to use the Website, book and purchase tickets to our sport and recreational activities and facilities, and use the Services, you must be at least 18 years old, be capable of concluding agreements and confirm your full acceptance of these Terms. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent’s or guardian’s consent is required.

2. Orders

      1. You may order the products and services from time to time made available at the Website. The prices for such products and services are given in Swedish crowns and including VAT.
      2. Payment can be made by using the payment options available at the Website. Please note that the payment services are provided by third party payment providers and require your acceptance of the terms and conditions for the payment option chosen. Please read and verify that you accept the applicable third party payment provider terms and conditions before you make any order.
      3. At the time of each order, you must provide name, contact details, payment information and/or any other information specifically required at the Website.
      4. For certain orders or use of the Website and Services, you must create an account by following the instructions available at the Website and log in by using a username and password. You are solely responsible for keeping usernames, passwords and other login details confidential, and for any use made by your account. If you become aware of or suspects any unauthorized use of your account, you must contact us immediately.
      5. You are responsible for providing and maintaining complete, correct and updated information. You may not claim to be someone other than yourself. If you are using someone else’s name or details, you must obtain such person’s prior approval.
      6. Upon making any order, you will receive a confirmation to the email address given in conjunction with your order, or associated with your user account. Please review the confirmation in detail and notify us promptly of any errors or discrepancies. If you have not received a confirmation within two days, please notify us without delay.
      7. Kindly note that the right of withdrawal in the Swedish Act on Distance Agreement does not apply in relation to sport and recreational activities. Nevertheless, please let us know as soon as possible if you notice any errors at any order of tickets to our sport and recreational services and facilities.

3. Rules

      1. We prioritize safety and work actively and proactively to ensure that your and your children’s experience will be as safe and fun as possible. In light hereof, we have drafted the following rules:
        1. Every participant in our sport and recreational services or visitors of our facilities must follow the guidelines and instructions provided at our facilities or by our instructors;
        2. Children must be at least three years of age to participate in our sport and recreational activities or visit our facilities;
        3. Children between the ages of 3-12 must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult;
        4. If you are pregnant or suffer from any injury or medical conditions, you should seek medical advice before participating in any of our sport and recreational activities or visits any of our facilities.
      2. If you do not comply with or accept these rules, you are not allowed to use the Services or have access to our facilities. Moreover, in such cases, you are not entitled to repayment of any amount paid for the time you are unable to use the Services.

4. Personal Data

      1. You hereby confirm that you have received information regarding our processing of your personal data, which is available at:
      2. If you provide personal data attributable to anyone else, you warrant that such individual has reviewed and accepted the Terms and received information and, where relevant, given his or her consent regarding our processing of his or her personal data.

5. Liability

      1. If you, at our reasonable assessment, act in breach of these Terms, we have the right to refuse you access to our facilities and prevent your further use of the Services.
      2. Subject to willful misconduct or gross negligence and requirements in mandatory law, we are solely liable for direct damages caused due to our negligence and not for any indirect damages, such as loss of income.
      3. If the Website contains links to websites or resources provided by third parties, such links are only provided for informational purposes, and Bounce has no control or liability for the content of such websites or resources.

6. Force Majeure

      1. Neither party have any liability for failures or delays caused by causes beyond the reasonable control of each party that directly affects the fulfillment of these Terms, including, but not limited to, fire, disasters, war, mobilization, riots, civil disorders, delays or disruptions of suppliers, electrical outages, delays or disruption of the Internet or telecommunications networks and labour disputes (“Force Majeure”).
      2. Each party shall promptly inform the other party of Force Majeure events and resume the fulfillment of its obligations once the event has ceased.

7. Miscellaneous

    1. We have the right to fully or partially transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms.
    2. We have the right to amend the Terms by notifying you via email or via the Website. Older versions of the Terms will not be stored by us. Thus, we recommend that you print and save older versions of the Terms.
    3. If you are not satisfied with our Services, we recommend you to contact our customer service at [email protected] or 020 10 34 00.
    4. In the unlikely event that we would not be able to reach an agreement, these Terms are governed by Swedish law.
    5. Any dispute arising out of your use of these Terms or your use of the Services shall be settled by the courts of Sweden.
    6. As a consumer, you are also entitled to have disputes arising out of these Terms or your use of the Services via alternative dispute resolution, provided that the dispute fulfills the requirement thereof (for example requirements pertaining to time and value). We undertake to contribute to alternative dispute resolution with consumers under the law on alternative dispute resolution in consumer relations. Relevant body for dispute resolution is:

Allmänna reklamationsnämnden

Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm

The European Commission has developed a platform for dispute resolution out-of-court. This enables you to resolve dispute in connection with online orders, without having to initiate a court proceeding. The platform is available at the following link: