Are you looking for the perfect activity for your toddler? Warm welcome to MiniBOUNCE! It is a training program for all those mini bouncers. They will have the fun that comes with trampolines while also learning body control and motors skills. This not only increases self-esteem and familiarity with exercise – but its also super fun!

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BOING BOING! Interested what we do at MiniBOUNCE? Watch this video.

What is MiniBOUNCE?

MiniBOUNCE is lots of fun, games, activities and exercises for children between the ages of 3 and 5. We teach the fundamentals of movement and controlling your body when on a trampoline. By doing this we also improve motor skills, balance, and strength!

When its time for our miniBOUNCErs to explore the big trampolines, they will have a basic understanding on what it means to jump safely. We have carefully selected our instructors based on their experience and personal knowledge.

A major part of being a miniBOUNCE instructor is a love for working with young children, while also giving our miniBOUNCErs a fun experience that is also highly educational.

Every group has a max of 15 participants and meet for 1 hour once a week. All courses are 8 weeks long


Do you have any questions, or want to book? Awesome! Fill in the below form, email or chat with us. You can also call us on 020–10 34 00.

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1200 — 1500 kr

  • For children between 3—5 years.
  • Max 15 participants per group.
  • 8 weeks per 1 hour (not valid on vacations and red days)
  • Free admission on weekdays between 10-18.
  • One pair of BOUNCE-socks.