Welcome to BOUNCE Freestyle Academies – activities where you exercise and have fun at the same time! Here you’ll find the best courses within trampoline, freerunning, and parkour for all ages and skill levels: you do not need any previous experience. Our professional coaches fine tune the programs agenda to match your needs and goals.

MiniBOUNCE Academy is the course for the youngest at Bounce, full of play and development! In addition to the children exercising balance and strength, MiniBOUNCE also improves motor skills.

What is MiniBOUNCE Academy

At BOUNCE, we love our Junior Jumpers and understand the importance in letting them jump around and explore gravity. MiniBOUNCE Academy is our gymnastics program for our younger BOUNCErs where we introduce them to trampolines and gymnastics through pure fun.

MiniBOUNCE Academy mixes lots of fun games, activities and exercises for children between 3 – 6 years old. We teach the basic movements that give children a safe start on the trampolines. MiniBOUNCE Academy also includes lots of exercises that improve motor, balance and strength.
As the small pushers move on to the big trampolines, they have gained a good understanding of the ground and can jump safely.

More importantly, the children experience sheer joy when bouncing around with us. Our miniBOUNCE Academy coaches are carefully selected individuals with experience and passion for working with younger children. We promise a fantastic experience that enriches our miniBOUNCErs and serves as an ideal introduction into the world of fun exercise and movement.

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Tricking Academy consists of a mix of a few different disciplines. All the basics of breakdance, martial arts, flips and kicks and freerunning all incorporated into one. This is our most advanced course.

What is Tricking Academy?

In Tricking Academy, you mix several elements from martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics and breakdance. Each practitioner creates their own style of flips, twists, kicks and combos. It’s all about expressing yourself in a creative, aesthetic and challenging way. You compete by “battling” just like in breakdance, rap and skateboarding and freestyle skiing. The one with the best tricks and flips wins. And it is only the imagination that sets boundaries.

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Want to just free jump and have fun? Then the Free Jumping Academy is for you. On the course we practice safe jumping and have lots of fun with various activities  developing motor skills and social skills along the way!

What is Free Jumping Academy?

The foundation of all our trampoline courses is to have the right technology – that is the most important thing! The right technology enables you to develop and can do tricks safely. Every occasion therefore contains a warm-up routine.
Although the foundation is the right technology, the focus at Free Jumping Academy is to have fun together. At BOUNCE, all the stars are and we invest in coaching to help you develop at the rate you want.
Each group has 15 participants and during the eight weeks of the course we meet one hour a week. In order for us to guarantee safety, you need to be over 110 cm to be included – that is the only requirement.

Learn to fly! Here we learn to be creative on the trampolines: teaching all the basics of safe jumping to advanced tumbles. Come and practice volts, learn to wall-run and perfect your body control on our trampolines.

What is Flight Academy?

Have you ever dreaded about being able to fly? BOUNCE Flight Academy can help you make that dream a reality. We promise fun exercises and individual coaching to help you touch the sky and develop your skills as much as possible. At BOUNCE, we are careful with our teaching techniques, which are the foundation of our trampoline classes. This helps our students learn quickly and level up their skill level to conquer advanced tricks, through a safe and methodical approach.

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Parkour Academy – The ultimate course for learning Parkour and Freerunning techniques, skills and tricks. Beginner or professional? We adapt the arrangement to your level. From speed to movement, we test your body’s limit to adapt to the environment!

What is Parkour Academy?

All of our instructors are highly experienced freerunners and safety is our first priority. The format of our classes is similar to Flight Academy. We base our classes around your skill level and do our best to help you achieve the right techniques to improve at a steady and safe pace.

Our Freerun area is world class – Designed by industrial professionals as well as Freerun legend Shaun Wood. He is one of the founding members of Team Farang and has helped us design Freerun Academy. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!