Vår X-Park (a la Ninja Warrior bana) är en äventyrsbana inomhus med delar av klättring, hopp och free-running.

Denna episka bana är designad för att utmana proffs samtidigt som den har enkla startpunkter för nybörjaren. Varje element kan användas som en fristående utmaning eller som en del av en bana med olika svårighetsgrader.

Främsta målet är att ta sig igenom banan från början till slut på snabbaste och grymmaste sättet.

OBS: Sportskor måste bäras i området


  • Utvecklad över en 12-månaders period i samarbete med skaparna av världens bästa parkourbanon och klätterväggar.
  • Inspirerad av en önskan att expandera BOUNCE-erfarenheten – få en luftburen adrenalinkick och skapa obegränsade rader rörelse.
  • Incorporates 15 different elements with varying routes for beginners through to experts.

Key Features

Incorporates 15 different elements with varying routes for beginners through to experts. The parkour area is designed to allow challenge and diversity for free-running masters as well as easy-entry points for first timers.

Fans of the Ninja-Warrior phenomenon will recognise the impressive warped walls, which require a combination of speed, strength and timing to master.

Canadian rock-climbing specialists RockWerx were engaged to create the bouldering wall, which will ensure challenge and progression for experienced and novice climbers alike.

X-Park Safety Rules

  • Minimum 125cm height required for all participants
  • One participant per obstacle at a time
  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • Lace-up sports/skate shoes must be worn in the area
  • Watch out for other participants at all times to ensure adequate spacing
  • Give way to faster runners

Tips: To challenge yourself, attempt to complete the course without touching the black areas.


What is X-Park?

BOUNCE has created the ultimate adrenaline playground! Designed by the world-leaders in parkour, climbing and challenge courses such as Ninja Warrior, the X-Park is the definitive for those seeking a person athletic challenge.

The course incorporates 15 different sections, comprising varying routes for beginner to advance free-runners. Participants will have their speed, agility, endurance, upper and lower body strength tested as they either freestyle their way through the course or race against the clock!

What is the minimum age/height?

All participants must be a minimum of 125cm tall. Certain obstacles require strength, speed and agility and may not be suitable for everyone.

Do I need a special ticket to access the X-Park adventure challenge course?

No, your general access ticket to Bounce includes access to X-Park. Note that height restrictions do apply. Admission to the X-Park operates the same as all other areas at Bounce and has a defined capacity to ensure safety and a great experience for all customers. Please note that during busy times, there may be a wait.

How do I use the area?

Other than making sure you follow the safety rules, the area is there to be explored in different ways. During each session time will be allocated for customers to explore the area in “Freestyle” mode. A portion of the hour will also be allocated to “race” mode.

Is X-Park Terrain Park available for parties?

Similarly to accessing the performance area, X-Park can be included as a rotation for parties (up to 15 mins). X-Park has a minimum height requirement of 125cm and certain obstacles require strength, speed and agility and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore access is at the discretion of staff.

Can X-Park be booked exclusively?

At this stage, X-Park cannot be booked exclusively, unless booking a full venue hire. Access is included in general admission tickets and can be requested as part of a hosted group experience.